Battle for the Net

July 11, 2017

Tomorrow, the 12th of July, the internet will come together in protest of the repeal of the net neutrality laws in America. Why is this important? Let me explain.

Net neutrality, in short, prevents internet service providers (ISPs) from restricting the speed of certain websites. It would, in theory, create two lanes of internet traffic, a fast one and a slow one. ISPs would likely ask for a fee in order to put websites in a fast lane which would disadvantage all online companies, blogs and websites but also customers of those websites who cannot pay, as they would have to put up with slower website loading times.

As you can see, nobody wins in this situation, except, of course, the ISPs who are able to extort money from companies who don’t want to loose customers. Worse still, if you don’t live in America and don’t think this affects you, it does! If net neutrality is repealed, ISPs will try and do the same thing across the world. But it’s not too late. As I mentioned earlier, on the 12th of July, the internet comes together in worldwide protest of net neutrality with websites like SoundCloud, Vimeo and Reddit all showing their support by raising awareness of the #battleforthenet campaign.

But the most important thing standing in the way of net neutality being repealed is you. All you have to do is share with your friends and, if you live in the US, fill in the form on the Battle for the Net website to send a letter to congress to tell them not to repeal net neutrality.

Don’t let them take our internet!