All about Geeky Pixel.

I am Geeky Pixel, a digital media designer from the UK who has been making awesome online content since 2009.

Through my website, set up to help organise all my projects and keep them all under a single name, I now produce a wide variety of content for audiences across the globe, creating videos, websites and other exciting digital experiences.

I mainly specialise in video production and editing, having created over 200 videos over the course of 8 years, reaching over 175,000 people on my YouTube channels alone. I also have experince working on a variety of other projects, such as filming, editing and producing shot films as well as editing together trailers and montages.

On top of this, I also design and develop websites, coding engaging and intuative online experiences that are not only ultra fast, but are custom built to work flawlessly on any device.

I also maintain and produce content for a number of channels and pages across the internet, primarily PixelExplosion where I uploaded new videos on a weekly basis.