All about Geeky Pixel.

I am Geeky Pixel, a digital media designer who has been making awesome weekly content since 2009.

Through my website, set up to help organise all my work and keep it under a single name, I now produce a wide variety of content for audiences across the globe, creating videos, websites and other exciting digital experiences.

In particular, I specialise in video editing and production, having created in excess of 200 videos over the course of 8 years, reaching a total of over 150,000 people on my YouTube channels alone. On top of this, I am also highly proficient in web design and development, crafting engaging and intuative online experiences that are not only ultra fast, but are custom built to work flawlessly on any device.

I also maintain and produce content for a number of channels and pages across the internet, primarily PixelExplosion and 0medy where I upload videos and music on a weekly basis.