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What is Geeky Pixel?

Geeky Pixel is a digital media group, bringing you awesome weekly videos, music and more.

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Our Projects

We make our projects under a variety of names.
See some of the names we use below!

Geeky Pixel Logo

Geeky Pixel

Geeky Pixel brings together all our projects and work under one name. From video games to websites we've produced a whole host of awesome content over the last 8 years.

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PixelExplosion Logo


PixelExplosion produces weekly gaming videos, highlighting the best moments in gaming. From montages to top countdowns, PixelExplosion has content for every gamer.

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0medy is a YouTube and SoundCloud channel bringing you a whole host of random videos and music to enjoy, with everything from shorts to animations. Why not take a look?

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My Blog

The thoughts and opinions of Geeky Pixel.
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Goodbye PixelExplosion

Goodbye PixelExplosion

For a while now, I have been debating whether I should continue to update and maintain my YouTube channel PixelExplosion or if it is time...

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My Blog

My Blog

This is my blog. I felt I should make a post to properly introduce it and, although I probably won't post here often, I feel it is import...

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