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What is Geeky Pixel?

I am Geeky Pixel, a digital media designer from the UK, bringing you awesome weekly videos, websites and more.

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My Projects

I make my projects under a variety of different names. Here are the names I currently work under.

Geeky Pixel Logo

Geeky Pixel

Geeky Pixel brings together all my projects and work under one name. From video games to websites I've produced a whole host of awesome content over the last 8 years.

PixelExplosion Logo


PixelExplosion produces weekly gaming videos, highlighting the best moments in gaming. From montages to top countdowns, PixelExplosion has content for every gamer.

0medy Logo


0medy was a YouTube channel and SoundCloud page that brought you a whole host of random videos and music I'd worked on. It ran from early 2011 to late 2016.

My Blog

The thoughts and opinions of Geeky Pixel. Get updates on my projects and my commentary on current events.

Battle for the Net

Battle for the Net

Tomorrow, the 12th of July, the internet will come together in protest of the repeal of the net neutrality laws in America. Why is this i...

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Goodbye Pixel­Explosion

Goodbye Pixel­Explosion

For a while now, I have been debating whether I should continue to update and maintain my YouTube channel PixelExplosion or if it is time...

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